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Birthdate:Nov 22

Character: Wolf
Series: The 10th Kingdom
Version: After he breaks up with Virginia who was upset at him for spending all his money without telling her.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Seductively Straight

This man is very good looking for a half wolf. He has rustic outdoors man look to him, with a facial stubble making him look rugged. Wolf has bright blue eyes and black wavy hair. His skin has a slight tan, and he has a Greek style nose. Wolf is tall, at a height of 6’ 1”. He wears dark dressed outfits particularly ones with pinstripes, usually black and red as his color scheme. He also has a tail but he keeps it hidden because not many people are fond of wolves.

Wolf is a type a man who sees life with an eccentric curve. He tries to take an opportunistic approach and takes advantage whenever he sees a chance. Like an actual wolf he sides by either someone who is the most powerful, or someone he likes the most. If he truly cares about someone, he’ll do anything for him or her and be very kind. Wolf, however, can be very emotional guy, and extremely expressive with his feelings. This happens when he feels strongly about something that is important to him.
As best as Wolf tries to be tame, he can be a little devious around the ladies. Especially during his time of month when the Full Moon is up. He can’t control himself for his emotions during this time and can even be very dangerous around.

Of course Wolf does have the same abilities that wolves have, but he usually doesn’t use them. He’s not really a type of guy that would leap into battle; you’ll only really get to see his wolf instincts when he’s hungry. When Wolf does leap into action, his claws will extend, his teeth will become razor sharp and his eyes become like a wolves with a glow of yellow. Wolf’s strength and speed are also increased as well. These abilities are the most powerful in his full moon transformation. Although this is when he is in his berserker form, and can’t be in control of what his wolf side does.

The main weakness is Wolf’s hopeless romantic nature; he can’t help himself around temptation. This goes for both food and ladies. He simply can’t help himself, this gets even worse around his time of the month. He will get cramps; start acting nasty and terrible to anyone that tries to come near him, at the same time he will be very demanding. Wolf while under the influence of the full moon might do some really bad things such as try and kill for food. This may result in him regretting whom it was that might have gotten in crossfire. Wolf can get very emotional to a bad point too, where he might angst to himself.

From the 9 Kingdoms, on the outskirts of the 4th Kingdom, Wolf was locked in Snow White Memorial prison for “Sheep Worrying”. He was released by the Evil Queen, but on one condition. That he must give up his will and obey her every command. Wolf’s first mission was instructed by the Queen to find Prince Wendell who has been transformed into the body of a dog. Wolf goes after him and goes through a mystic mirror that leads to New York. The place was established as the “10th Kingdom” by the trolls who were also instructed by the Queen to find Prince Wendell.

Wolf soon was able to track down the dog’s tracks to a restaurant where a girl named Virginia was working at. Apparently this girl was the one who brought Prince Wendell, but as soon as he tries to fetch his “doggy” they were gone. After demanding a waitress seductively to tell him the where about of Virginia he soon find her apartment which were previously raided by Trolls. Wolf encounters Tony and asks for information of the whereabouts of his daughter Virginia. Tony trades the information for Wolf in exchange of a wishing bean. Once Wolf finds Virginia he instantly fell love with her. She doesn’t take this likely since Wolf was trying to eat her Grandmother and almost kill her when they first meet. Virginia manages to shove Wolf out the window with a broom, where he passes out in a pile of trash, with a sigh of passion for Virginia.

No sooner Wolf wakes up to a psychologist who has mistaken him to be her patient. While being interviewed he realizes that he was replacing his passion of love with food. The psychologist recommends him some books to follow and he tries to follow all of the advice the books can give him on becoming a better man. Wolf decided he wanted to change for Virginia, and become a good wolf. When he follows Virginia back in the world of 9 Kingdoms, he finds out that the Trolls are holding her captive. Wolf rescues her, and convinces her that she can only survive if she follows him.

They were able find Prince Wendell who was along with Tony imprisoned in Snow White Memorial prison for being caught in the Queen’s cell. They managed to bump into Tony in the middle of their escape and discover the mirror that leads back to the 10th Kingdom was on Acorn’s boat, one of the inmates that escaped with Tony.

That’s when their new quest for the mirror came to be. One event kept occurring after another, Tony winds up getting his finger to turn anything into gold for only one time for emergencies. He accidentally turns Prince Wendell to Gold after trying save him the Trolls. They encounter gypsies while going through the Huntsman’s woods. The group angers them by releasing the talking birds, so the lead gypsy curses Virginia’s hair to grow longer and longer. They encounter the Huntsman who captures Virginia, and puts her up in his large tree. Tony and Wolf rescue her with the help of the talking birds they freed. Wolf used the long hair to climb up and rescue. No sooner the huntsman came and they managed to fight him off. Wolf then cuts Virginia’s long growing hair with a magical axe they received for guessing the name of a blind woodsman. To his dismay he cuts it too short.

On their way of following the mirror’s path, they encounter Little Lamb Village, during this time however Wolf was going through his Full Moon Cycle, and was become very aggressive. He was tempted by the smutty shepardesses who were just inviting him to be seduced. A lot of the farm animals such as sheep and chickens also looked extremely appetizing to the wolf. Virginia and Tony discover the mirror is one of the prizes to the Shepherdess contest. Wolf was getting progressively worse, and was even persisted by the Queen who was trying to contact him and tempt him to do evil things. Soon Tony finds that the Wilford Peep stole the magical well water for his family that was in the middle of the town, which is why they kept winning every year. He uses the magic well water to make a sheep beautiful and bring Prince Wendell back to life. Virginia wins the contest, making Sally Peep angry and she yells at her uncle Wilford for embarrassing her. Soon after, there was a scream up in the hills and Wolf who was found near the crime scene is accused for killing Sally Peep.

When Virginia goes back to Wolf who is prison to try and tell him that she was going home. Wolf became very broken hearted, he started to whimper and make big puppy eyes at her, begging her to stay and save him. Virginia gives in and hides the mirror in a wagon so they can use it after they free Wolf. Although she tries to defend him trial, the odds were very much against them and they lose miserably. However, Tony manages to find with the help Prince Wendell who really killed Sally Peep, which was Wilford Peep. Wolf was internally grateful to his friends and promised to follow them till the end.

Fate was not kind to them again when they discover the mirror went to Kissing Town where everyone falls in love. Wolf is ecstatic; things were looking up for him, because this was his chance to get Virginia to notice him. While there, they notice the mirror was going on auction. They try to gamble so they gain enough money to win the mirror. Wolf, however, wanted to try and loose all his money so he can say he didn’t win anything so Virginia can stay. Although, he winds up winning 10,000 gold Wendells, so he tries to spend only half of it so he can try to propose Virginia and give the rest for the mirror. However, without thinking he goes all out on his spending and looses all of his money just for an elaborate romantic proposal for Virginia. Even though she falls for this for a little bit and even kisses Wolf, she is overwhelmed at the sight of the ring and reacts negatively by asking immediately how much he spent. Regrettably Wolf tells Virginia and she shouts in rage that she could have gone home with that money. Wolf tries to apology, but she leaves the scene promptly in great anger. While left alone, he was consoled by Queen to come back to her. Because Wolf had nowhere else to go to, he does.

While reporting to the Queen in her secret mansion, he discovers the mirrors she had. Wolf was still mourning over his mistake, trying to think over what type of mirror could help Virginia get back to her world. He investigates the mirrors, discovering one of them had a gateway, thinking this lead to the 10th Kingdom he goes through it. Although the Queen soon discovers that Wolf went through one of her mirrors, knowing the mirror he went through went to Paixao, she closes the mirror to prevent him from coming back till she needed him. Now Wolf was stuck in a world unknown to him.

The 10th Kingdom Mood Theme was created by: [info]miss_kallahan
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